Creole Not French Mesi


Creole not French Mèsi.


Frekan Cap

Not just for the man of the house, this ultimate dad hat is perfect for anyone who appreciates comfy old school cool.


Frekan Classic Dominoes Set

Frekan Classic Dominoes Set

Frekan engraved Set of 28 Jumbo Blue Double-Six Dominoes and Frekan engraved Classic Wooden Box.  A perfect collectors item. order now.

Played and enjoyed throughout the Caribbean, Dominoes is a game that 28 cards are shared between 4 players. Each domino has to be matched with the corresponding suite. Players will try to pass each other in an attempt to be the first player to empty their hand. All islands have a common obsession, Dominoes. It is played passionately from Cuba to Trinidad and Tobago.

The game was introduced to the West Indies by the colonizers and plantation owners, who brought the game from Europe. Considering the game’s simple rules, and easy to duplicate pieces, it quickly caught on.

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