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The word 'Frekan' originated from the Creole dialect which represents
individuality and uniqueness. An open and unwavering confidence of one’s
culture and self. Some may call it attitude, some may call it
arrogance. But to us, we call it pride.

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Your Attitude Sux

Your Attitude Sux Black Pullover Hoodie - Frekan
  • Creole not French Mesi

    Creole. It is often incorrectly described as a French dialect or as “broken French”.

    Creole not French Mesi 
  • In fact, it is a language in its own right with its own pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and pragmatics

  • Concrete Jungle Foundation is an innovative non-profit whose mission is to empower individuals and communities worldwide through fostering and sustaining
    the positive values inherent to skateboarding.

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  • With your purchase of our Frekan skateboard Deck helps with our contribution to our friends at Freedom Skate Park, Jamaica and the Concrete Jungle Foundation.

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