About us

Frekan is “fresh style fresh attitude.” The word Frekan originates from the French-creole dialect. Frekan represents you and your uniqueness. It’s who you are and how it symbolizes you. It represents your attitude and sense of self. Frekan is casual but sharp. Portray yourself, your attitude and your style collectively. Be fashionable. Be Frekan.
Born in upstate New York, Frekan started out in a small basement by a group of artists who felt a need to expand their voices. In that studio they sought to escape their common jobs working in a cubical by creating a new culture of expression through fashion. Their creativity then began taking shape with the implementation of streets yet athletics lifestyle.
"As a co-owner of this beautiful brand fashion is art, self-expression and educating others within a culture where your voice can easily get lost," says Ed. Many now see them as artists who are out to set a new trend of simplicity, yet fresh.
Frekan,Inc. The goal of the brand is to build a connection to our followers. Providing a lifestyle that appeals to persons everyday emotion. Offering a clean timeless fashion collection of products.